Good for him

Good For Him

Storified by Lizzie Bennet Diaries · Thu, Oct 04 2012 16:03:03

Sooo @wmdarcy @bingliest… Drinks at the Standard tonight?Caroline Lee
@that_caroline Is there any way I can say no without getting the Sad Sister Noise?Bing Lee
@bingliest No. :) Caroline Lee
@that_caroline @bingliest Why do I get the feeling I will be subjected to this noise as well?William Darcy
@wmdarcy That’s the peril of being friends with my brother.Caroline Lee
@wmdarcy And as his friend, and a gentleman, don’t you think the proper thing to do is agree to accompany us?Caroline Lee
@that_caroline You realize @bingliest hasn’t said yes yet.William Darcy
@wmdarcy Actually he has. I just got off the phone with him. I would’ve called you but it keeps going to voicemail.Caroline Lee
@that_caroline Fine. I will come.William Darcy
@wmdarcy Thank you. I think it’ll be good for him.Caroline Lee