Take pics!

Take pics

Storified by Lizzie Bennet Diaries· Mon, Jan 28 2013 17:09:03

Hey @fitzonthefitz, I heard you had a fun lunch.Gigi Darcy
@ggdarcy I did, and I hear you’re showing her the city tomorrow.Fitz Williams
@FitzOnTheFitz We are.Gigi Darcy
@ggdarcy you’re totally gonna ditch them huh?Fitz Williams
@FitzOnTheFitz Um… wouldn’t that be a little too obvious?Gigi Darcy
@ggdarcy cause you are all about the subtle.Fitz Williams
@FitzOnTheFitz Hey! You know you can come with!Gigi Darcy
@ggdarcy I’m the worst wingman ever… remember? Remember to take pics!Fitz Williams
@FitzOnTheFitz Touche’… and I will. ;) Gigi Darcy
@ggdarcy Oh and props for saying what you said in the last vid. That took a lot of strength. You didn’t need to do that.Fitz Williams
@FitzOnTheFitz Yeah I did. I needed to do it for me.Gigi Darcy