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Posted on January 26, 2013, in News.

Vidcon Panel

Vidcon Panel Twitter recap

Vidcon Panel

Storified by Lizzie Bennet Diaries · Mon, Jul 02 2012 00:45:53

#TheLBD has added a signing at 2:30 in the expo hall! If you didn’t get a seat in the panel room come meet us after!Ashley Clements
Kristina Horner says she is a huge fan of #TheLBD #BennetmaniaLizzieBennetDiaries
.@hankgreen says he came up with the idea for #TheLBD by thinking about making an adaption of a classic book.LizzieBennetDiaries
. @mkwiles Says that #TheLBD has created their very own vlogging style they wouldn’t use otherwise. #vidcon2012LizzieBennetDiaries
. @TheAshleyClem says vlogging was new to her and she wasn’t sure what to do. Hank made her a "How To" video. #TheLBD #vidcon2012LizzieBennetDiaries
The modernization of #TheLBD was an easy decision but there is constant conversations of how it should happen. #vidcon2012LizzieBennetDiaries
How amazing was that @TheLizzieBennet Diaries @VidCon panel?LizzieBennetDiaries
Telling the whole story may take about a year. #TheLBD #vidcon2012LizzieBennetDiaries
"The Bennet sisters are really well-developed, iconic characters. No pressure, ladies." ~@thatjuliacho on playing Charlotte #TheLBDRachel Kiley
Hank posted the Behind the Scenes video because he really liked the video. @hankgreen #TheLBD #vidcon2012LizzieBennetDiaries
.@TheAshleyClem’s reaction to gettin the role of Lizzie was: "Really?" #vidcon2012 #TheLBDLizzieBennetDiaries
If you were in the audience today you just saw a clip with Bing and Caroline Lee. #TheLBD #vidcon2012LizzieBennetDiaries
. @TheAshleyClem Our Lizzie was written to be a very modern girl and unique to the series. #TheLBD #vidcon2012LizzieBennetDiaries
"Lizzie is very flawed and I love that about her." @TheAshleyClem #TheLBD #vidcon2012LizzieBennetDiaries
The @TheKittyBennet has more twitter followers than anyone. @TheAshleyClem #TheLBD #vidcon2012LizzieBennetDiaries
"We’re sort of stuck with them people because they are people." ~@hankgreen on the actors/characters #TheLBDRachel Kiley
ANNOUNCEMENT: three new characters have been cast and are on stage now! #TheLBD #vidcon2012LizzieBennetDiaries
And the crowd goes wild as the actors for Rick Collins, Caroline Lee, and Bing Lee are announced!! #TheLBDRachel Kiley
The Lizzie Bennet Diaries just unveiled three new actors at @VidCon, including Bing Lee! @TheLBDofficial News
It comes down to knowing the essence of the characters. #TheLBD #vidcon2012LizzieBennetDiaries
"This is amazing. I was just watching [the cast's] pictures of all of you following them around." ~@maxwellglick aka RICK COLLINS #TheLBDRachel Kiley
Coming into a show with an amazing fan base is incredible. @maxwellglick #TheLBD #vidcon2012LizzieBennetDiaries
Collins, Bing and Caroline.
"@TheAshleyClem and I were looking at my Twitter account because I didn’t know I had one." ~Jessica Jade Andres aka Caroline Lee #TheLBDRachel Kiley
. @hankgreen really loves the blog story telling style that they are using for #TheLBD. He wants to see more. #vidcon2012LizzieBennetDiaries
And @maxwellglick and @TheAshleyClem just reenacted the scene introducing Collins! #TheLBDRachel Kiley
One of the great transmedia moments was when Jane follows Bing on twitter and Lizzie took a screen shot. #TheLBD #vidcon2012LizzieBennetDiaries
The guy to girl ratio in this panel is at least 1:25 #VidCon @TheLBDofficialSaul Perez III
How amazing was that @TheLizzieBennet Diaries @VidCon panel?LizzieBennetDiaries
RT @TheLBDofficial: How amazing was that @TheLizzieBennet Diaries @VidCon panel?sarah.
@TheLBDofficial @thelizziebennet OHMYGOSH IM STILL FANGIRLINGItzel Ayala
RT @bookworm5509: @TheLBDofficial @thelizziebennet OHMYGOSH IM STILL FANGIRLINGBriana
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